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My name is Trish Zierler, and I teach and practice here in Vernon, BC, Canada, in the sunny Okanagan Valley. 


      My PASSION is to help people shift to their next level of consciousness.


I do this through teaching individuals in private sessions or in classes such as MELCHZEDEK METHO & REIKI.  My private sessions often use LIGHTWAVE, HOLOGRAPHIC SOUND HEALING, The LaChance Method, and more. 

I would love to facilitate YOU!


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 Are YOU ready for a  
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Feeling stuck?  Uninspired?  Depleted? 


Let Soul Sistah Trish work her magic on you!  Using peronalized combinations of Reiki, Melchizidek Method, Lightwave, Sound Healing, Colour and Images, blocks are removed, veils lifted, light packages downloaded and DNA recalibrated to help balance, harmonize, align, heal and activate you into fulfilling your personal Divine Life Purpose! 


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intention of being inspired.
(and you will be!)


Your Greatest Self.







We all have what we need deep inside us; the trick is to access it, apply it, let go of what is not working, and persist until we get the desired results!

Most of the time, this means letting go of our outmoded self-view, old programs or beliefs which are keeping us feeling limited and/or victimized.

The good news is, when we have these feelings it is because we are ready to make a change!

This is where my passion comes in!  I love to help people to make these shifts. 

Do you feel I might help you???



True to her nature, Trish adds her own delicious flavor to everything she does, including her Reiki Attunement Sessions. Her open heart, and humble nature allows for a safe haven that encourages compassionate work and respect for the healing process for both yourself and for your future clients. Trish has many other gifts and talents, and her breadth of knowledge is sure to boost you to the next level of your awareness and personal transformation. I hope that Trish will make a lasting imprint on your soul as she has mine.   Leanne S.

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I have experienced both healing and activations by Trish and can attest to the powerfulness of her gift. She works from her heart and calls on the wealth of healing modalities that she has learned and practiced over the years, to gently take you to the core of blocks that impede your growth and progress  Rev. Loro Tylor.

Patricia (Trish) is a Reiki Master Healer and teacher I have had the pleasure of studying under and obtaining certifications. The work that Trish does comes from the very heart of soul of her being. Her passion is “Activations” to open others to their pure spiritual beings of Light.   Lynn Gibb Gooding



Trish’s Love, Integrity and Passion for Life flow into her work with Spirit. Having a Session (with Trish) is being wrapped in vibrations of change, enhancement and shift.  BG (Penticton)

To Whom It May Concern -

I have absolutely no problem with recommending Patricia Zierler’s ‘Lightwave’ sessions. In fact I have done so several times.

I have had two personal full length ‘Lightwave’ sessions with Patricia Zierler.

In each session I felt an immediate relief of the symptoms I was experiencing and in the first session I had an experience which had not only an immediate effect, it also made a long lasting difference.

Patricia Zierler is well trained in doing ‘Lightwave’ sessions, and brings her in-depth knowledge and expertise to her sessions. They are comfortable and easy for her clients.

I have absolute faith in her work, her integrity and her desire to aid and help people who require it.

You are welcome to contact me at any time. Norma Cowie


#134 – 4109 Skaha Lake Road RR2,Penticton, B. C. V2A 6J7Phone: 250 490 0654 Email: normacowie@shaw.ca





Commissioned artwork by Bryan de Flores


Workshops are temporarily suspended while the Covid19 is doing it's thing.  



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Free introduction to Melchizedek Method

on request.

contact Trish at  lifepro@

shaw.ca for more details





(temporarily suspended due to Covid19)

All classes in Vernon, BC unless otherwise stated

Classes scheduled upon request.


Melchizedek Levels 1 & 2 Combined classes run 3 days; Level 3 runs for 2 days.
For more information, go to the Melchizedek Method page on this site or     www.kamadon academy.com


(Note: worlde wide prices are set by the Kamadon Academy.)



REIKI LEVELS available on request.


All classes are an evening and a day.