Experience the Magic of the Pleiadians!

Lightwave Energy Healing Technology from the Stars!

Hello, again!

In addition to being a Reiki Master and Kamadon Healing Master (Melchizedek Method) I am also a certified Lightwave Practitioner (Master Class) and would love to facilitate a session with you!


As one of the newest, most powerful healing and upgrading energy technologies on Earth, the Lightwave infusion process transcends linear space and time to recalibrate the human energy field and spiritual blueprint for multidimensional ascension.


Lightwave was developed by the Pleiadian Emmisaries of Light and enhanced by the magical accelerator technology of Bryan de Flores.


The Lightwave process works by the powerful universal energy of creation to shift and balance thoughts and emotions at the speed-of-light, transforming and eventually manifesting the complete restoration and youthening of the human body.


I offer sessions here in Vernon, over the phone or through Skype.


The Lightwave Energy training course is given periodically by Bryan de Flores.  If you are interested in learning this for yourself. check the Schedule and Workshops page on Bryan's website for updates.