Praise for Paul's music from Doreen Virtue, author and creator of The Angel Cards:

"Paul's music is a gift from the angels.  His music is truly Heaven sent."



Are you
wanting to connect
with the
‘Powerful Potential’
you feel trying to
emerge from within,
but don’t know how?
Then this album is for you!
Using what I call ‘Passionate Meditation’ we will connect up with that God Spark within, clear the decks of confusion, and get some practical assistance for moving more deeply into fulfilling your very own
Life Purpose!

This guided meditation was created to assist and empower you to fulfill your Divine Life's Purpose.


It gives helpful tools and demonstrates how one might speak with their own God-spark within (which I call the "I AM Presence").

The heart-centred music was sponaneously composed by Paul Armitage who is known around the globe for his inspirational music and Musical Soul Portraits. 


For more on Paul's music,

go to http://www.paularmitagemusic.com

I was worried, cofused and frankly - going a little nuts!  - but after listening to  Embrance Your Sacred every night for three weeks, my life has turned itself around!

Chippy the Squirrell

Embrace Your Sacred

is a powerful, effective meditation tool for shifting thought/feeling habits that are in the way of living fully, freely, abundantly, lovingly and joyfully!

Embrace Your Sacred

is a meditation of passion!  It desires and requires your active participation as you stand tall and swing Archangel Michael's Sword of Blue Flames up, down and all around you, severing the bonds that keep you limited, small.

Embrace Your Sacred

desires that yo be willing to be more than what you are currently experiencing; it desires that you come to a decision to be limited no more!

Embrace Your Sacred

also desires that you begin to love yourself; if only just a little, and perhaps be willing to recognize tht you have something - a precious gift - that only you can offer.

Embrace Your Sacred

suggests that you start where you are, in this very minute, rather than waiting until you judge yourself beautiful or talented or worthy enough to show your Light. 

Allow yourself to be MANIFICENT!  Then dare to live FREE!!!


Have glorious fun while you clean 'inner house' as it has never been cleaned before!  Put in the effort and enjoy the rewards!


The choice

and the related experience

is yours!


If you fall asleep while listening, that is good! It allows the healing energies to work even more deeply within.


For best results actively participate with Embrace Your Sacred for at least seven (7) consecutive days.  Be passionate!  Sincere!  Visualize the actions and feel them in your body!


MAKE THIS REAL! When you have completed the first course of days, take a break and observe how you are now interacting with the world.  Note changes of perception.  Be alert for opportunities to make different choices when old habits creep back in.  Stop.  Breathe - and choose again. 


Repeat Embrace Your Sacred for another course of seven (7) consecutive days or for as long as you feel guided.  Pay attention to what you are resisting and what you are allowing, and follow up with appropriate action as offered on this CD.     Namaste.


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