Trish's Reiki philosophy...

Integrity is the foundation upon which all else lies. We come to know that we are merely conduits through which those ancients who originally brought Reiki to Earth speak, and we set aside our own limitations and call upon them to teach us how to walk in our Highest Integrity.

We desire that Spirit of the highest possible frequency be present and visible in all our daily lives; that our Hearts be ever open that we may be worthy instruments for Spirit’s expression in the outer world; that our Highest Wisdom and the Highest Wisdom of those we interact with always be served.

We choose to personally commit ourselves to being all that we can be. To strive to be clear in our thoughts, speech and actions. Our greatest responsibility is to heal ourselves of anything that colours our true perception. We ask ego to step aside and call upon our Highest Self to be present in all we think, say and do.

As students, we are committed to learning and sharing all that Spirit would share with us, for it is time for Reiki (and all such “Light Technologies”) to be available to all who would walk in their Highest Integrity and commit themselves to learn and follow their own path, whatever that may be.

We also recognize the great responsibility this knowledge brings, and call upon Spirit to help us discern its use at all times.

It is my heartfelt desire that those who are drawn to this teaching endeavor to always walk in their Highest Integrity, exercising Discernment, True Perception, and an Open Heart.


With all levels of Reiki, “attunements” (activations) are given, which is the passing of the Reiki energies from Master to student. This is the main difference between Reiki and other forms of energy healing. 

Workshops are “hands on”, meaning that everyone will give a full body treatment as well as receive one! I offer monthly group healings (for students only) so that everyone has the opportunity to practice and receive Reiki in a safe, supportive environment.   


Vernon, BC Canada 

The Workshops

 Reiki 1

This workshop is primarily focused on clearing and balancing the physical body, utilizing guided meditations.

The students are taught the importance of Integrity and Intent and to always honour the Reiki recipient.

The basic hand positions are taught and practiced, but the students are encouraged to listen to their own intuition regarding how long to hold a position; that it is quite acceptable to vary or completely ignore these positions if the guidance comes through strongly to do so.

A detailed workbook is given, and students are also taught the First Reiki Symbol or energy form (which is not traditionally taught until Reiki 11) as I feel this is a practical tool for the student to experience the way Reiki works and moves.

Once you have taken Reiki 1 you are qualified! However, a practicum of 30 recipients is suggested to help you gain strength and confidence in the energies before you offer your services professionally. Should you choose, deeper levels of study are available.

Dynamically increases the healing energies coming through, accelerating the student’s own personal healing journey and “upping the wattage” of the energies they can bring in for others.

During this workshop, a major clearing of the emotional and mental bodies is effected through guided meditation and the use of the Second and Third Reiki symbols which are taught and practiced.

The student is further encouraged to completely set aside self and let Spirit guide their hands and to Play! -- allowing joy to take their personal healing to new depths and insights.

 Reiki 2

Traditionally, this is the Master Level, which takes the student even deeper,  effecting profound inner change due to the further magnification and honing of the Rei.

I also call it "The Homework Level" are there are set exercises and disciplines to build the "muscles" for the passing of attunements to others.

Many Reiki Masters choose not to teach.  Rather, they take the Mastery level for their own growth and fulfillment.

Reiki III is a prerequisite for advanced courses, such as Advanced Reiki Training and Karuna Level II.


Mastery is an ongoing journey.

 Reiki 3
Preparation to receive a
A Reiki attunement is a process of empowerment that opens your body systems and connects you to the unlimited source of Reiki energy. Changes take place metaphysically in your chakras (energy centres) and aura and also in your physical body, which can mean that an emotional and/or toxic release may take place as part of the clearing process.
In order to maximize the results you receive during the attunement, a process of purification is recommended. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you.
When you register for a Reiki class, a set of suggested preparatory steps will be sent to you. 
These steps are optional. Use them if they feel right for you!
It is also strongly suggested that you abstain from putting alcohol or drugs in your body prior to or after you receive your attunement, as their negative impact on your physical body will be magnified.
I am so looking forward to sharing this foundational and life-changing energy system with you!
Classes available upon request.