We all have various gifts or talents.  Sound Healing (through voice) is one of mine.


I first started being aware of voice and sound as a powerful healing tool back in the mid 1980's.


Since then. I have expanded and honed my ability to intuit which expression of sound is appropriate for the session I am facilitating.


Like most healing, it can be effectively used for people, animals, plants or the Earth.


While I have received some formal Sound Healing training, I am not limited to only that training.  All my private sessions are guided by Spirit and include all the tools in my repertoire that are required for that client.


Below, are two of the Sound modalities in which I have trained.  I include them here in case you are curious to explore this avenue of healing for yourself.

When sound or colour is directed into an area of blockage, it causes the area to vibrate, which loosens the old pattern(s) allowing them to shift.


During a private session, I am often guided to use colours, sounds or tones to facilitate my client's needs.


Everyone is unique, so each session is intuitively tailored to the needs of the client and will be a combination of whatever gifts and skills that Spirit brings through specifically for that individual.


This may or may not include Language of Light.


Sound can also help bring in activations - Light Packages or encodings - to help the client move forward on their own Life Path.


For me, healing and activating are closely related, for as the old patterns are re-calibrated, a new sense of wellness moves us forward with more confidence and renewed Purpose.


I love when a client leaves their session feeling energized, whole and on track with their own Divine Life's Purpose! I would be most honoured to facilitate a session with you!

This work came is a marriage of The Hologram of Love teaching from Thoth the Atlantean in partnership with Alton Kamadon (which became known as The Melchizedek Method) and direct teachings from The Hathors, as  developed by Paul Hubbert.

The Pineal TonesTM




I was priveledged to be part of The Lemurian Choir in Maui (Dec 2012) and the Compassion Choir in Cancun (Dec 2013) singing the Healing Pineal Tones.  For me, participating in the Lemurian Choir was the completion of a major soul contract.

Holographic Sound Healing





My Sound Healing session with Trish Zierler was powerful. 

The releases I had been seeking for decades through other various modalities finally freed-up with just one session!  

Trish's warm personality combined with her extensive knowledge of healing and all things esoteric make for a potent combination for healing.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a non-judgmental, supportive and safe environment in which to achieve their healing/health goals.  Kerry P. Penticton BC